Skill Based Events

Skill Based Event Promotion

Power up your next event by giving your fans, customers or clients an exciting chance to win big cash or prizes for an affordable premium that would be impossible to offer within a traditional promotional budget.

Why You Need It:

  • Bigger prize values for a fraction of the cost
  • Works with any marketing budget
  • Increased appeal and participation
  • Stronger marketing and advertising messages
  • Eliminates the risk of budget overruns from unexpected payout

Example Applications:

  • Basketball Half-Court Shot
  • 50-yard Football Kick
  • Hockey Scoro
  • Curling Draw to the Button
  • Hole in One

Scope of Coverage:

When a business runs a skill-based promotion to maximize spectator appeal and participation a large prize is typically offered. This insurance allows a business the financial protection to give fans, customers and/or clients exciting chances to win big prizes based upon the achievement of a specified sporting endeavor(s).

Dylan MacTavish

Lead Underwriter

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