Often purchased in combination with Event Cancellation insurance, Non-Appearance insurance protects from a variety of unforeseen circumstances that most standard policies do not cover. This secures your bottom line and is essential to protect the interests of any lender providing capital to help facilitate your event. 

Why You Need It:

  • Travel Delay Complications – Cancelled flights, strikes, customs delays
  • Unforeseen Medical Conditions – Illness, accidental injury, physical inability to perform
  • Force Majeure – Any unforeseen circumstances causing Non-Appearance not specifically excluded

Example Applications:

  • Concerts and tours
  • Key speaker events
  • Conferences
  • Festivals
  • Comedy Shows
  • Theatrical Productions

Scope of Coverage:

Non-Appearance covers the loss of costs and expenses, or revenues that result from the cancellation, abandonment, postponement, or interruption of an event in whole or in part due to the non-appearance of any named key individual or performer, speaker, or group who are essential to the completion of the event. Considering the time and money it takes to plan and execute an event, the risks to your bottom line are substantial if disaster strikes. 

Please note coverage must be finalized a minimum of 14 days prior to start of the event.  Be sure to allow enough time to submit the application, address any questions and review a quote.

Dylan MacTavish

Lead Underwriter

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