Conditional Rebate

Conditional Rebate

Unleash your marketing creativity with a promotional offer tied directly to a Sporting result or Weather trigger. Timely and relevant, these types of programs are ideal for sponsorship or seasonal activation. 

Why You Need It:

  • Drive consumer engagement
  • Increase sales, retention and loyalty to your brand
  • Select a rebate offer that resonates with your business and customers

Example Applications:

  • Reward based on the outcome of a sporting event
  • Rebate based on a predetermined temperature, level of precipitation or other weather event

Scope of Coverage:

Conditional rebate promotions can be a great way to drive business and create brand awareness. A conditional rebate policy protects the bottom line when offering money back incentives which are linked to pre-specified triggers. Conditional rebate policies allow businesses to advertise attractive rebate offers without the fear of a potentially large negative impact on your balance sheet. 

Dylan MacTavish

Lead Underwriter

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