Probability Games

Probability Games

Whether it is a million-dollar prize or one million different prizes, the potential to win is in the hands of every consumer. Each attempt at a probability game contains a winning combination which creates an engaging and positive brand experience

Why You Need It:

  • More value for marketing budget by leveraging an insured prize pool at a fraction of the total prize pool value
  • Create consumer engagement and brand loyalty by offering rewards to all participants
  • Develop a dynamic experience for consumers by utilizing a variety of games

Example Applications

  • Online collect and win prizes
  • Consumer loyalty rewards
  • Instant win prizes

Scope of Coverage:

Unlike controlled promotions where winning prizes are predictable, probability prizes are completely the opposite. To ensure that financial losses are kept to a minimum probability prize insurance is a great solution. Probability prize insurance allows for the leveraging of the prize pool to get more out of a marketing budget at a fraction of the total prize pool value.

Dylan MacTavish

Lead Underwriter

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