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The more I look at the system the more it grows on me. Very good indeed.
I really like the new web site, especially being able to e-mail the contracts and invoices to the brokers. The new web site is terrific in my mind, and very easy to understand, The brokers that I deal with are also impressed with the time frame that I am able to get a quote to them, especially if it is straight forward and I do not need assistance from the underwriters.
Just a few words to give you my impression about the system after my first few months in business.Overall I think the system is GREAT, as allows me to provide my retail brokers with instant quotations even when I am away from work. I think that not only competitive quotations but a quick response enables brokers to get the business. I have also seen that nearly all locations worldwide and types of events are taken into considerations and that shows the amount of work behind stage.Superb support from the “team” when needed. Thanks to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!
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