Insured Marketing Solutions

Be Different. Offer unique leveraged rewards that will set you apart.

Since 1989, we have worked with the most recognized consumer brands, and agencies delivering over 5,000 world class, fully secure promotions.

Think Security. Think Impact.

  • We’re Innovative

    Our team has developed and designed some of the most unique incentive campaigns ever run, captivating consumers with alluring rewards.

  • We Have Experience

    We have successfully executed over 5,000 promotions in over 20 countries worldwide with extensive knowledge of local jurisdictional laws and regulations.

  • We’re Secure

    From world class technology, to promotional risk management (PRM) counsel to representing Lloyd’s of London as a coverholder, we provide peace of mind to the brands who rely on their reputation.

Grow Your Business

Turn-key and custom programs offering powerful incentives that motivate consumers to act and help businesses to grow.

Shopper Marketing Benefits

  • Influence purchase decisions at point of sale with reward driven messaging.
  • Create attention with “Try me Free” “Buy One, Get One” or “$1 Million in Prizing to be Won”.

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Sponsorship Activation Benefits

  • Sponsorships are accounting for as much as 50% of annual marketing budgets.
  • With brands competing for attention among sports fans, it’s not enough to simply be a “proud partner”.
  • Develop engaging experiences to align your brand with fans on gameday.

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Promotional Offer Benefits

  • Build relationships with consumers with captivating promotional games.
  • Every game play is an opportunity for your brand to engage with them.
  • Create a bond by delivering branded entertainment.

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Protect Your Business

Manage the unique financial risk to your brand, and your bottom line associated with running a marketing or promotional campaign.

Balance Sheet Liability Benefits

  • Competitive environments often require aggressive offers and marketers never really know how many people will take advantage of an offer.
  • Redemption Insurance allows marketers the ability to manage the risk associated with specific offers.

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Adverse Weather Protection Benefits

  • As weather becomes increasingly volatile, it will play an increasingly important role in impacting corporate balance sheet. Thankfully tools exist to mitigate risks associated with drought, heat, cold, or heavy precipitation.

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Promotional Risk Management Benefits

  • With over 25 years and 5,000 programs run worldwide, we’ve gained a great deal of experience in managing contest law

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Probability Games

Everyone loves a chance to win big. Find out how to add lottery-sized prize pools to your promotions for a fraction of the cost.

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