How Brands Are Winning with Big Athlete Bonuses

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Corporate sponsorship is everywhere in sport.  Brands want to be associated with winners and they want to build a relationship with fans.

Outside of plastering a logo over jerseys and fields, what other tools are brands using in their relationship with sport to increase exposure?

Behind the gleaming stadium lights and larger than life athletes, you’ll very often find insurance as part of a sponsor’s arsenal in captivating an audience.

In recent years we have seen many brands building relationships directly with consumers – offering instant win team gear, free televisions when your team wins a tournament round, or fan experience trips through collect to win programs.  These are insurable tactics that are proven to increase touch points and activation with a consumer base.

However, often brands want the huge media exposure that only an impressive player bonus will garner.

With insured contractual bonuses, sponsors incite exceptional athlete performance by offering millions for achieving specific goals – placing first in the top tournaments, earning the highest number of assists, or winning the season cup.  It is a win-win for sponsors as athletes and teams use the motivation of a bonus to achieve fantastic feats and the sponsor is aligned with a high-profile sponsorship of the winning team.

To learn more about how sponsors are leveraging athlete bonuses, take a look at the September Forbes article below.

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