Scores Three Aces in Single Round

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Patrick Wills should buy himself a lottery ticket. The 59-year-old veteran played an unbelievable three rounds at the Summer Solstice tournament in Virginia.

Wills shot an impressive 57 on the second round, securing his place as tournament winner at the June 26th event. What is catching the attention of sports columnists is that Wills also happened to score three holes-in-one – with the odds of that feat being less than one in a billion.

Perhaps it is not just luck.  After nearly 5 decades of playing the sport, Wills has scored 25 aces and won the Summer Solstice at Laurel Hill 20 times.

His success has brought him into the headlines of some big names in the sport news world – from BBC Sport to the Golf Channel to NBC Golf.

With that attention, sponsors are surely regretting not cashing in on that rare opportunity. Event organizers could have capitalize on the big win by doing two things – videotaping attempts and offering a large Hole in One prize.

Attention grabbing headlines, such as “Veteran Scores Big With Million Dollar Hole-in-One”, alongside videos that make it onto YouTube, ESPN and the Golf Channel are two surefire ways to positively cast some of the spotlight onto sponsoring brands.

By putting in place a Hole-in-One policy, event organizers can easily mitigate the costs of paying out a big prize value. Given the amount of priceless promotion, the cost of an insurance policy is well worth the payoff!

Hole-in-One prizes are an effective way to gain immediate exposure leading up to and following a golf event.

Placing coverage is easy. Hole-in-One providers can generally provide a quotation with the yardage of the par 3, the prize value, and the number of amateur golfers participating.

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