Student Wins Tuition in Basketball Challenge

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A broken finger, no competitive basketball experience, and a race against the clock. Gustavo Angel Tamayo, 23, beat the odds in what Basketball coach Don Rekoske called the “toughest contest”. The Bryan College student was challenged to sink a lay-up, free throw, 3 point shot, and half-court shot before 30 seconds buzzed.

Incredibly, Tamayo made all four shots with seconds to spare. He went home with $10,000 in tuition money.

The amazing footage has gone viral – with Tamayo’s success making it from the news room of NBC News all the way across the Atlantic to the UK’s Daily Mail.

With successes like Gustavo Angel Tamayo’s gaining worldwide attention, it makes sense for brands to cash in on the action. Sport challenges such as the basketball shots, hockey scoros, or baseball tosses are an easy way to excite crowds, gain consumer attention and increase ticket sales. Sponsoring these events helps achieve marketing goals. This skill based games gives fans a chance to win big.  By insuring the odds of success, a brand can limit their financial commitment, and still benefit from the huge promotional impact.

With coverage in place from IC Specialty Brokers, brands can get the Wow-factor of big prizes for a fraction of the cost. When there is a winner, the insurance covers the pay-out while the brand soaks in the publicity.

Who does this type of policy benefit?

  • Event sponsors with the goal of increasing purchase intent, sales, traffic and more
  • Event sponsors who want to generate excitement and get consumers talking about a brand, product or service
  • Event sponsors looking to cut through the sea of marketing clutter with a new way to connect to crowds

Insuring a prize pool is simple and can take minutes to set up. Looking for a custom solution? IC Specialty Brokers will work with you to achieve your promotional goals and fit within your budget.

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