Protecting Your Big Day with Wedding Insurance

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With temperatures rising and the summer months just around the corner, the wedding season is surely upon us.

Couples planning their wedding day ceremonies are flooding bridal boutiques and florist shops. As their lists are being checked and invitations stuffed, the newly-engaged and their parents are starting to see their bank balances dwindle. The average cost of a Canadian wedding now exceeds $32,000. Couples are realizing that is a considerable chunk of change for 5 hours of one day.

Wedding Insurance is an excellent way to ensure newlyweds do not begin their marriage with a large financial loss in the event their day is cancelled and deposits are irrecoverable.

Some believe Wedding Insurance takes the romance out of their Big Day. However, when the costs of floral arrangements, dresses, tuxedo rentals and limousines begin to add up, couples and their parents start to realize the value of protecting their financial commitment.

There exists variety of coverages to choose from, and each policy comes with its own exceptions and conditions.  It is worth the time spent to ensure you are getting the right coverage for your risks.

Policies can protect against such hiccups as:

  • Hazardous weather preventing members of the bridal party from attending
  • Floral arrangements not being delivered
  • Guests causing damage to the wedding hall and contents

Wedding Insurance rates are based on several factors including the wedding date, location, and level of the costs and expenses chosen.

So in the off chance the photographer is double booked or the best man gets on the wrong flight, the couple can rest easy knowing they’re protected.

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