A Golden Ticket Promotion Without the Oompa Loompas

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Every child, and many adults, can connect with the magic of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – a fantastical place where imagination sees no boundaries.

In the story, the allure of the factory is heightened by the elusive Golden Ticket hidden within the Wonka chocolate bar wrapping.  What wouldn’t you do to find that Golden Ticket for a pass into the land of gum drop gardens, chocolate lakes and peppermint lined pathways?  And so, the five Golden Tickets caused a worldwide frenzy with unparalleled media buzz – selling out product at stores around the globe.

In the book and films, Wonka is an eclectic businessman with funds available to offer a taste of his extravagant business model.  The mystery hidden behind the curvy iron gates had enough pull to grab the attention of the world.  But how can real-world businesses create their own Golden Ticket promotion when there’s no Oompa Loompa filled factory?

To start, the offer has to be created with a pool of rewards – the bigger, the better.  A promotion that offers chances at trips across the world, vehicles, cash rewards, and free product will be sensational to your market segment.  By tying in the brand to the rewards offered, you are further highlighting the brand’s products.

Promoting the offer should be done via methods your consumers are accustomed to accessing – whether this be the brand website, in-store, on-pack, or on social media.

How can this excitement be created within a marketer’s budget?  How can a company manage all of the game plays, data and prize fulfillment of a promotion that can drive consumers to clear out store shelves?  Well here is where the Wonka magic comes in.  An interactive promotions company, such as IC Group, that’s at the helm of your glass elevator can help develop a promotion that’s key to achieving sky high levels of marketing success.  Plus, by utilizing Prize Insurance on the prize pool rewards, a marketer can leverage their budget and achieve all the benefits of a Golden Ticket promotion.

Willy Wonka had a little help.  Why don’t you let IC Group be your promotional Oompa Loompa?

Disclosure: We have no material relationship to any brand or person mentioned in this post.

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