Curling Rocks!

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They are everywhere right now – from renamed street signs to the Olympic stage.  Team Jennifer Jones has brought a renewed passion to the sport of curling.  Already we are seeing the effects of this worldwide attention with packed curling clubs across the nation and expected record viewership of the upcoming Tim Hortons Brier.

With icons like Jennifer Jones and Brad Jacobs, it is hard not to want to take to the ice.  Curling clubs can build on this buzz in many ways.  Exciting crowds, gaining sponsorship attention and increasing ticket sales can be achieved by promoting a sponsored Curling Draw to the Button.  This skill based game gives fans a chance to win big.  If the rock makes it to the center of the house, the player may win the sponsored grand prize.  With coverage in place from IC Specialty Brokers, this means you can up the ante with big prizes for a fraction of the cost.  When there is a winner, the insurance covers the pay-out.

Who does this type of policy benefit?

  • Curling clubs with the goal of increasing attendance, concession sales and membership
  • Sponsors who want to generate excitement and get consumers talking about a brand, product or service

It’s a simple process – if there’s a winner, the policy pays, not you.  A $10,000 prize can cost around $300.   Or, if you are looking for a custom solution, just bring us your great ideas and we’ll find a way to make it work.

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